Choir rehearsals

In order for the International Youth Convention Choir project to succeed, the District Churches of the New Apostolic Church will offer four central rehearsals and several regional rehearsals at different locations. The dates and locations are available to all registered participants. In order to participate in the International Youth Day 2019 as a choir singer, the following requirements must be met: Participation in a central rehearsal and regional rehearsals.


Central choir rehearsals

total of four central rehearsals are offered at four different locations. Gerrit Junge is in charge of the choir rehearsals and the dates are already fixed

  • 22. to 24. March 2019 - Central rehearsal in West Germany(Hermannstr. 11, 44649 Herne)
  • 5. to 7. April 2019 - Central rehearsal in North- and East Germany(Abendrothsweg 18, 20251 Hamburg)
  • 26. to 28. April 2019 - Central rehearsal in Berlin-Brandenburg (Münsterlandstr. 50, 10317 Berlin-Lichtenberg)
  • 10. to 12. Mai 2019 - Central rehearsal in South Germany (Kastanienweg 5, 70734 Fellbach)

Regional choir rehearsals

regional rehearsals are organized by the District Churches and conducted by volunteer choirmasters. The exact dates and locations can be viewed by all registered participants

participant needs 10 rehearsal hours to rehearse the music program in the regional choir rehearsals

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