Choir leaders and managers need support from volunteers for the organization of regional and central rehearsals. Helpers can register via the system.

Please note: Signing in via this system will not allow you to register as a 'helper' at the International Youth Convention 2019 - the registration as a helper for the Youth Convention will start at the end of 2018 via www.ijt2019 .org. href="">

Helpers for central rehearsals

Four central rehearsals will take place at different locations. Each district church organizes the rehearsal. Anyone who wants to support the project can register as an helper via the system of the Youth Convention Choir

dates for the central rehearsals

Helpers for regional rehearsals

The regional rehearsals will be conducted by volunteer choir leaders in the church districts. Therefore the rehearsals should be easily reachable for all participants. Helpers can also sign up for the regional rehearsals and offer their support, even if the support may not be required.