Host families

The first regional rehearsals will start at the end of 2018 and in 2019 the four central choir rehearsals will take place. Many young people have lengthy travel so will require local accommodation. Host families can sign up via the registration system, if they can offer accommodation.

Accommodation - central rehearsals

central rehearsals will be held at different locations. Each District Church organizes the accommodation of the young people on site. Anyone who supports the project and would like to offer the young people a place to sleep can register as a host family via the registration system the applicable rehearsal

dates for the central rehearsals

Accommodation - regional rehearsals

regional rehearsals will be conducted by volunteer choir leaders in the church districts and should therefore be easily accessible for the young people. For the regional rehearsals overnight accommodations should not be necessary. Nevertheless, host families can also register for these rehearsals and offer overnight accommodation