“Imagine that you sing together with 4,000 young people and your friends in the stadium in Dusseldorf – not for a sports club, but in the divine service of the International Youth Convention 2019 of the New Apostolic Church”, Gerrit Junge said at the beginning of the presentation of the project “International Youth Convention Choir” (IYC Choir) on Saturday, 15th September 2018 in Wiesbaden.

“Registration starts in October 2018. Then you can register as a choir member for one of the largest music projects of the International Youth Convention.” Music connects people, and the musical director of the project, Gerrit Junge, emphasized the importance of the choir: “The project strengthens relationships – not only between the young people from different regions and countries, but especially the relationship to God.”

International and ecumenical

To the project team, it is important to react to the wishes of the young Christians. Thus, the experience of internationality and fellowship with other denominations are an important part of the project.

The project team welcomes larger youth choirs of other denominations or friends of the choir members to the IYC Choir. “So you have the chance to tell your friends about this project and motivate them to participate,” Gerrit Junge said.

Which songs are sung?

The IYC Choir will sing in the final divine service with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider as well as in the performance of the pop oratorio “I AM” in the arena. The programme includes pieces from gospel, rock, blues, rhythm’n’blues, pop / ballads, country, jazz and cross-over.

The pop oratorio “I AM” is part of the project and will be performed on Friday, 31st May 2019 in the evening. A symphonic orchestra, a band, soloists and actors also take part.

The pop oratorio “I AM”

The musical presentation of the gospel and the conveyance of the message of salvation is the essence of the pop oratorio. Gerrit Junge explained the three crucial messages, which give meaning to the work: The first message emphasizes Jesus as the Saviour („Jesus is the Christ“). The second message refers to eternal life („Who believes in Him has life through Him“) and the last message shows how man can attain this eternal life through following Christ („The footprint of Christ is the way to life“).

The piece was composed by Sigi Hänger and Christoph Oellig. Jürgen Deppert wrote the libretto and Benjamin Stoll developed the story, the script and is the director of the performance. The premiere of the composition took place in 2013 at the “Westfallenhalle Dortmund” (Germany). Further performances followed at the “O2 World” in Hamburg (Germany) and 2018 at the “Leipziger Messe” (Germany). For the IYC, Jeremy Dawson translated the work into English.

Take part and do not miss anything

The young choir members are of course supposed to have the chance to participate in other projects and programme points of the IYC while participating in the IYC Choir. So the intensive rehearsals will begin in November 2018. Four central and several regional rehearsals will be offered in the district churches of the New Apostolic Church.

Each participant should attend at least ten hours of regional rehearsal and one central rehearsal. Gerrit Junge said that this the amount of practice is neccessary to learn the pieces and the pop oratorio and to sing in such a big choir. By registering, the participants will receive all the information about the rehearsals.

Registration for the project

In the IYC Choir young Christians from 14 to 35 years can participate. In addition, the confirmands of the years 2019 and 2020 as well as all youth leaders of the New Apostolic Church are invited to participate.

All those who do not belong to this group and still want to support the project can register as helpers, host families or multipliers. Multipliers will receive Newsletters containing the essential information about the project in order to promote participation and support young people. To organize the regional rehearsals, the project team is looking for volunteer choir leaders. Detailed information can be found here and is communicated within the district churches.

Do not forget the registration for the IYC

However, registration for the IYC Choir does not replace the registration for the IYC – it is additional. Nevertheless, the choir members usually register via a group leader in their district or congregation.It is important that the choir arrives on Thursday, since the rehearsals begin in the early afternoon.

The fee for the three-day IYC is EUR 125, including accommodation and meals. There are no additional costs for participating in the IYC Choir.

The IYC will start on Friday, 30th May 2019 in the morning in the arena in Dusseldorf. Afterwards, an exhibition and event programme in the exhibition halls and more than 200 programm items will follow. At www.iyc2019.org you will find detailed information about the registration.